Tools and Resources for Conducting an Assessment:

FHI User Manual (PDF) (English) (Español) (Português)

DCI Excel Macro (zip file)


Basin Assessment Reports:

Dongjiang, China

Dongjiang Basin Technical Report (PDF) (English) (中文)

Dongjiang Basin Executive Summary (PDF) (English) (中文) (Español) (Português) 


Sekong, Sesan and Srepok (3S), Lower Mekong, Southeast Asia

3S Basin Technical Report (PDF) (English)

3S Basin Executive Summary (PDF) (English)


Fact Sheets:

Overview of the Freshwater Health Index (PDF)  (English) (Español) (Português)

FHI Conceptual Framework and Indicators (PDF) (English) (Español) (Português)

FHI and the Sustainable Development Goals (PDF) (English)

Why Apply the FHI (PDF) (English)

FAQ (Coming Soon)



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